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Inspired by nature

There is no doubt that creative minds are often inspired by the most mundane or inanimate. I often revel in how obvious and beautiful these things are after they have been elevated in an artistic form. It’s remarkable to see how simple things that we take for granted can often serve as a beautiful muse for creatives. Sometimes, if we’re keeping an eye out, we can even see that inspiration trend across several creative platforms. Such was the case when I was introduced to a new product today.

Today I was introduced to a modular carpet tile by Mannington Commercial Carpet. The series is called Intrinsic. It is a collection of modular carpet tiles in patterns inspired by nature. There are beautiful patterns like Confluence, which is inspired by an aerial view of the earth. It mimics the natural patterns that rivers make as they carve out the landscape.

There is also a pattern named Intertwine, which is inspired by the very abstract look of a spider’s web, covered by dew in the early hours of the morning. Both patterns are beautiful and have the look of a high/low carpet with deep contrast. However, I absolutely fell in love with the pattern named Magnify. Magnify is exactly its namesake. It appears to be a magnified view of a dandelion flower. It is bold, and graphic with a radial pattern. In a neutral color, it is a great field tile; but in any of the saturated colors, it is a beautiful accent.

It immediately brought to mind a very similar pattern that I had just seen grace the red carpet at the 2017 Met Gala. A light bulb went off and I immediately went online to find it. I love it when I spot comparable inspiration in any other industry as it relates to interior design. I was right; I did see a very similar pattern walk the red carpet. It was a gorgeous Chanel suit worn by Cara Delevingne to the 2017 Met Gala. It too echoes the starburst/radial pattern that I had just seen from Mannington.

The Chanel suit was pulled straight from the runway. It had just been featured at the Chanel haute couture show Spring/Summer 2017. Amidst all of the classic tweed, light and airy colors for Spring/Summer stood out this heavily beaded suit. It appears to be a metallic silver base fabric with heavy beading. Onyx-colored tubular beads juxtaposed by silver, clear and aurora borealis crystals in radial shapes, mimicking starbursts or dandelion flowers. It really is a standout piece. It is no wonder a stylist pulled it for Cara to wear to the Met Gala.

It made me giddy to have validated that my memory did serve me correctly.

Further, it was so nice to spot the trend and relate it to interior design. I love when different industries take similar inspiration and turn it into something beautiful. Just as Chanel did for that gorgeous suit, Mannington did for modular carpet. It is a look that looks amazing on the red carpet or as the carpet!

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